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Introducing BanG Dream! in Review

Hello, and welcome to BanG Dream! in Review! We’re two music writers (check out The Singles Jukebox!) and generally Online people who are also big fans of Bushiroad’s BanG Dream! franchise, largely (though not entirely) because of its songwriting. The music of BanG Dream! is not especially high-profile in the English-speaking world outside its fanbase, so we wanted to share our enthusiasm for it through this review blog. We’ll be writing about new singles as they’re released, as well as going back in-between to cover older song releases.

Madi is a musician/artist/writer/all-around-funny-guy who’s been yelling about music for years, but only recently started putting those thoughts into coherent posts. She’s been on the BanG Dream: Girls Band Party train since its international launch in March 2018, and has been studying Japanese since her early days as a teenage weeb and enjoys translating song lyrics in particular. Her favorite Bandori music is mostly Poppin’Party and Hello, Happy World! and outside the realm of idol pop, she’s especially fond of GO!GO!7188, The World/Inferno Friendship Society, and Vienna Teng.

Dorian is a professional choir singer and former folk musician. He’s been writing about music intermittently since 2014, and playing BanG Dream: Girls Band Party since May 2018. His favourite Bandori music is mostly by Roselia and Afterglow, and his favourite artists outside of the franchise include Javiera Mena, ONUKA, and The Poozies.

Our hope is to have posts up for new music within a week or so of release— our schedule for older songs will depend on a lot of factors we can’t be sure of yet, but is probably closer to “when we have some free time”.

Hopefully you’ll like what you hear!

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January 28, 2021