i do a variety of writing, including music writing and fiction!

☆ i wrote the novel-length story C7, a queer romance about music, disability, and 00s anime kid nostalgia, for Shousetsu Bang*Bang #94 under the name Oh Kashi.
※ please note that this story contains explicit content.

☆ i’m a casual contributor to The Singles Jukebox, a music review site where the pop singles of the year are given short reviews by a diverse group of music enthusiasts, which is not only fun, but also an excellent way to discover pop music you didn’t even know existed.

☆ i’ve contributed to a couple of issues of This Side of Japan, a newsletter by Ryo Miyauchi about Japanese music old and new. i covered a GO!GO!7188 single for (Flipped) Issue #35: Arigato! and a top 10 list of my favorite Japanese songs for This Side of Japan’s Best of 2021: Friends List. if you’re even just a casual listener of Japanese music, i highly recommend checking out Ryo’s work — he’s an incredibly thoughtful and insightful music writer, and he brings a huge variety of genres and artists to the table.